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Gold Rush Trail – Curt Gowdy State Park – 2022

About The Project

Gold Rush Trail, Gold Standard Trail, Gold Watch

TPT Trails is working with Wyoming State Parks to develop a new style of flow trail.  Armored flow trails are designed to use terrain and rock features to increase and decrease speed on a mountain bike while adding fun and excitement to the trail.  A roller coaster is the inspiration for these trails.  The trails are downhill directional and designed to allow a mountain biker to ride from the top to bottom without their tires leaving the ground.  At the same time there are many options to huck, jump and do more advanced features.  This allows the same trail to appeal to intermediate to expert level riders.

Additionally, all features including launches, jumps, ramps, and berms are constructed of rock with a layer of dirt for a riding surface.  Unlike dirt features, the armored structures will last a long time with limited maintenance.  At Curt Gowdy State Park the armored flow trails are branded as “Gold Trials” and have quickly become the most popular mountain bike trails in the park.  The first armored flow trail is Gold Watch.  This trail received its name because it is a retirement gift from Mr. Thibodeau to the park.  To our knowledge, no other trail contractor in the country is building this style of trail.

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