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TPT Trails believes that high quality trails are a combination of science and artistry. Our design philosophy is to develop trails that are low impact to the environment, sustainably built to last many years, are aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly fun.

TPT Trails works to reduce the level of impact of the trail by:

  • limiting the use of machines
  • paying attention to tread width
  • incorporating tread features
  • utilizing rock and landscape features to hide the trail within the landscape

TPT Trails works to make sustainable trails through:

  • the use of low grades
  • integrating numerous drainage features
  • incorporating hard surfaces and armoring

TPT Trails increases the enjoyment of the trail by:

  • designing for the type of user
  • designing for skill level of the user
  • designing for flow
  • designing for aesthetics and framing vistas and terrain features
  • creating stacked loop systems
  • introduction of trail features
  • using trail design and construction to reduce user conflicts

Rock Work and Features

TPT Trails is an expert on hand-built rock features and has experience in:

Winch Work

Boom and Winch

Shim and Wedge

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